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Meet Benjamin Chang

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In the 19 years I've practiced Chinese medicine, I've been privileged with the opportunity to help thousands of people reduce their pain and suffering as well as improve their quality of life. 

 Throughout this time I've strived to continually learn skills and strategies that produce consistent and reliable results for my clients.  Although there will always more to learn from this amazing healing art, I can confidently say that at this point in my career, I know what Chinese medicine is capable of and what it will take to help you achieve your health goals.  I'm eager to show you the way.

I was introduced to Chinese medicine at an early age by my father, Hui Chong Chang, MD, MSOM, L.Ac.  My subconscious mind absorbed the medicine over years of sneaking into his study and looking at all the books, charts, and models.  The strong smell of Chinese herbs throughout the house eventually permeated every fiber of my being.  I was often awed after observing him treat patients and witnessing, which at the time with my limited understanding, could only be described as miracles. 

I guess it's not too surprising to most people that I eventually followed in his footsteps.  It was however a surprise to me!  Despite growing up around this amazing medicine, I had never once considered becoming a Chinese Medical Doctor.  It wasn't until after completing my Bachelor's degree that my path became more clear to me.   My journey with Chinese medicine unfolded with an ease that I can only attribute to destiny. 

Since I was 21 years old I have been blessed with the certainty of knowing that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  Very few things bring me as much joy and satisfaction as helping people get well through Chinese medicine.  My purpose is to the use skills I have obtained over the years to as many people as possible to achieve optimal health and well being.  I'm looking forward to working with you!

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