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Regain your health and transform your life! 


A proven drug and surgery free approach to healing all of your unresolved health issues and improving your quality and enjoyment of life.


How much is continued pain and suffering really costing you?

How many days have you lost because your problem has kept you from participating fully in life?  How much emotional energy have you wasted feeling frustrated and hopeless that you’ll never get better? 


You deserve better!

Our Approach Consistently

Reduces pain and inflammation

Improves function and increases energy

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Enhances sleep and decreases stress and anxiety

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Reduces and eliminates

medication use

I understand you’re probably frustrated after speaking to multiple doctors and still not ending up with an effective treatment for your health problem.  Our time tested and research based treatments are the solution you have been looking for. 


I can help you just like I’ve helped thousands of others deal with their chronic pain or other nagging health issues. Schedule your discovery call now to find out how.

Meet Dr. Chang


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What People Say

"If I could give 10 stars, I would! Dr. Chang restored my hope in my health. For the first time, I feel like my concerns have been heard. As a 35 year old with MS, anxiety, chronic neck pain, fatigue and recently a mysterious heart attack, I didn't know where else to turn. In just 3 visits, my neck pain was gone. My energy was much higher. And I finally was able to sleep at night. But more importantly, Dr. Chang has helped me believe that my body has the power to heal itself. And that feels AMAZING"


Bellingham, WA

"I have been seeing Dr. Benjamin Chang for about 3 months for migraines. The treatment plan of acupuncture & herbs has made a significant difference in the frequency & intensity of the migraines. I have had more migraine free days & even weeks than I have had in the last couple years. I highly recommend Dr. Chang. I had previously tried acupuncture from a different provider without success. I am very happy the treatment plan Dr. Chang came up with for me is working!"


Bellingham, WA

"A wonderful, professional atmosphere. Very respectful. Dr. Chang is kind, caring, super smart and FUNNY. I totally appreciate his approach, giving me the power to chose how many times I need/want to come back. No pressure....
He makes NO promises, everyone responds differently....I responded quite well after one visit and am excited about going again!!
If you have tried EVERYTHING, but NOT Acupuncture.....well then you haven't tried everything..... give them a call!!"


Bellingham, WA


We Provide individualized

and comprehensive

health recovery plans

Learn effective self care strategies that compliment your treatment

and get back to enjoying life again!

Step 1

Call today and request a complimentary consultation:

(360) 756 - 5866

Step 2 

Connect with Dr. Chang to assess and establish

your health priorities

Step 3

Receive a customized Health Action Plan that fits your condition and goals

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